Sunday, October 2, 2011

A suprisingly nice weekend.

Now that's how you eat a rib.

This picture reminded me of myself at the closing of this weekend. Our cousin needed help with a barn raising to we drove out to Mississippi to help him. It was suprisingly cold in the mornings and evenings. So much for catch a couple extra days of summer. On the way we stopped by Lambert's Restaurant in Sikeston MO. If you've never been to one, it's a must hit hotspot. They are the home of the thrown rolls. Which means if you want a fresh roll you gotta catch it from a country boy that is chucking it from across the room, so sharpen you catching skills before you go there. They have typical country food in large portions and super delicious.

Back to the picture, after watching my man lift trusses and hammer away all day. We got it done and left the next afternoon to head home. The kids stayed with the grand parents and it was nice having some alone time. So we didn't head straight home. I have to get me some ribs in Memphis on the way home. Which is why this picture reminds me of myself. I think I looked just like that as I got down and dirty with my ribs. My favorite so far is Central BBQ. It was finger lickin good. And then i got a monster strawberry daiquiri on Beal Street and we paroozed the odd shops up and down the street. We love going there for memphis in May. I can't wait to go back then. Hope your weekend was fun as well.

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