Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My fun road trip

My sister and I at Bass Pro Shop's Restaurant

Me showing off some massive granny panties from the 5 & 10 store in Branson

super fun candy store in springfield

The town area in Eureka Springs.

Dawn showing off the biggest gummy bear alive.
What a great little girls trip. Sunday we spent the day at Eureka Springs. Beautiful historical buildings, great shopping and checked out Big Cedar Lodge http://www.bigcedar.com/. Monday we headed to Branson and shopped till we dropped and then my favorite was Sunday.
hanging out at the pizza place

outside Red Velvet

Askonosie Cupcakes

delicious Red Velvet cupcakes.

My tour guide at Askinosie Chocolate Factory

Emma & I. Her pictures just don't do her justice. She is so much prettier and thinner in real life.

Adorable Hair baubles.

their store front window

A tour from Askinosie chocolate http://www.askinosie.com/, lunch at the pizza house (delicious!) and a trip to Red Velvet where we were graciously received by Emma herself from http://www.foodcomablog.com/. I purchased an awesome dress and we got some of her yummy cupcakes. http://www.abeautifulmess.typepad.com/ The perfect ending to a great trip.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sometimes you just need to hug a shark

My little homeschooler

My little beans just cracks me up. I had her all dolled up that day and she just had to bring her shark into the bank. One of our many errands that day. Kids do the darndest things.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Laumar Art Fair 2011

What a great day at the fair. Just me and my sister. We had so much fun and there were so many interesting artists there. Here are just some of the ones I loved.
             Our cute little man that was running the cash register at our Mexican food stand.
                                          Me just being cheezy in my new sun dress.

 Our yummy mango margarita and great taco lunch.


Beautiful paintings and mixed media pictures

A great picture of mans best friend.
Tiny little portraits all done with machine stitching.
I so love her work. I first saw one of her pictures in country living magazine.
Some of her new pieces of her women of color. Just fantastic.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Friday, May 6, 2011

Love, Love, Loves!-Beauty products

Some things that I am currently in love with and that I have purchased more than once and don't see giving up on any time soon.

1) Bath and Body Works -Summer Vanilla's Lemon lotion and body spray- $3 bucks each on sale. Sweet Citrus Smell- Just like Lemon head candy. It makes me happy every time i smell it.

2) Elf Duo Lip Pen- $1 at Deals. I did have two but my girlfriend fell in love with my so I gave her my extra. Super creamy large pencil. I don't know if you can get them anymore but you can check. http://www.eyeslipface.com/

3) Cetaphil Facial Wash- $16 for 2 large pump bottles at Sams. At first I wasn't a fan because it isn't a big lather product but it's so gentle to your skin. I actually use it to remove my eye makeup too and I go all out on the eye makeup and it removes it all with zero iritation. Plus those big bottles will last forever.

4) Hard Candy's Glamaflage Concealer. $6 bucks @ Walmart.  Unbeleivable coverage, creamy and blendable and you have to use the tiniest amount. Available in light medium and dark shades. A little too heavy for me for my under eyes, but great for all imperfections, I think they even say it covers tatoos.

5) Bare Minerals Foundation- Around $20-$25 dollars @ Sephora. Worth every penny for me. Any amount of coverage can be achieved with this product depending on the brush you use. I myself have oily skin and this is great for me because it cuts down on the shine and their translucenet powder is awesome too. No cakeyness with these products.

6) Proactive Skin Care- I have been useing these products for years now and have strayed and tried other products and paid for it dearly.  I have been diagnosed with sistic acne. Large, painful acne. I have had horrible skin my whole life and this was the first thing that worked for me.  I have heard mixed reviews from people about this not working for everyone. It worked on me but not my daughter who has very fine acne.  She actually got a perscription from her pediatrician for tetracycline which has worked wonders for her so far.  This has been the first time in my life that I have had consistently clear skin. Rarely do I get a break out and if i do their mask works wonders on it. The only thing i hate is having to have it auto shipped to you but they can adjust it to however long you need shipments. A definate need to try on this one. Give it a couple of month. Mine didn't clear up completely at first and actually my forehead had fine acne a bit longer after everything else had cleared up. Check it out.

7) Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara- $6 bucks@ drug stores. The blackest mascara I've come across yet. Give you thick long lashes. So good your 11 year old daughter will try and steal it too. Even though she's forbidden to wear makeup yet.

8) Tresseme Heat Protectant- $4 bucks @ Walmart. Great smell, protects your hair from the heating treatments we put our hair thru on a daily basis.

9) Conair 1 inch curling iron- $10.00 @ Target.  This curling iron is awesome. Dial heat control so you can adjust the heat to your hair thickness. I myself have thick hair that is curl resistant. So I crank it all the way up to 20. With this iron, my hair keeps curl all day until the next day. I have curled it the evening before, put it up in a high pony tail and the curls were awesome the next day. I will definately be investing in the 1 1/2 in barrell soon. I think that one is around $20.

10)Tresseme Hair Spray-Green label- around $5 buck @ Target. Wonderful long lasting flexible hold. Great smell also. I'm on my second can.  The only thing that I might like any better is Loreal's Ellnette Hairspray but it's pretty pricey $15, so i only splurge on it once in awhile. This is a much more affordable alternative.

I hope you try some of these products and love them yourself.

Happy beauty shopping...Rachel

Sunday, May 1, 2011

My wonderful childless weekend

Every once in awhile it's nice to have time together with just your husband while the children are blissfully spending time with their grandparents. This weekend was full of date nights and fun nights with friends. Movies and to top it off off we had brunch this afternoon which was divine. I had everything from yummy eggs benedict to salmon and caesar salad. And we topped it off with creme brulee. It was awesome and it's nice to know that Pork and Beans (AKA- my two daughters) were having fun without me. Now that I have the girls home with me, we are enjoying a nice evening of twizzlers and watching shawn the sheep.

Brunch Wishes for all of you.