Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lego Land- Slightly Suckish

 The kids were so excited to go to lego land.  They weather was perfect.
 Beans in lego vegas
 Taking on vader.
 One of only two rides worth even trying to ride.
 The aquarium was nice
 In a nut shell. Being people that have a six flags and know what real rides are, you will be sorely disappointed if that's what your coming here for. It really is geared for smaller children in my opinion. Even our 8 year olds were let down. The lines were extremely long and the rides really weren't worth the wait.  For the prices, it just wasn't worth it. We found that the best souvineer's would be from the lego tour. In the gift shop upon leaving. You can design your own lego guys for 3 for $10 bucks.

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