Monday, October 3, 2011

My suprisingly fun weekend

Now that's how you eat some ribs.

This picture reminds me of myself at the close of this weekend. My husband and I went to Mississippi this weekend to help our cousin with a barn raising. Which of course doesn't sound that fun but it sure is nice to visit with family and kinda sexy watching my man frame a building. We started our road trip with a must stop restaurant that we both love, Lambert's Cafe in  Sikeston MO. The home of the thrown roll, with mean if you want one of their fresh rolls, you need to sharpen up your catching skill. Because there's going to be a country boy chucking one at you from across the room. Topped with sore gum or apple butter, they are a dream. It was nice having a childless weekend and the girls enjoyed spending the weekend with their grand parents.

Now back to the picture. On our way back home, I just had to stop by and get me some Memphis ribs from Central BBQ.  So far they are my favorite and they are oh so finger licken good. I'm sure I looked like my daughter above as i revealed my carnavore self. Over all great weekend. Hope your weekend was the same.

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