Saturday, August 13, 2011

Palm Springs

the beautiful palms

The tiny springs running through out
My sister and I

The tram to the top

The girls on the tram- it rotates so you get all of the views

Checking out the views
Palm springs was just awesome. You have to wind up the mountains to get to it and when you start to make your decent, it is so awesome how it just sits in the center of all of the mountains. It's just beautiful. Went went on a hike to see the big Palm trees. There's an outpost at the entrance of the hike with a gift shop where i purchased my minnitonka knee high leather boots of my dreams. And the best part was they were a men's six so I got them for half off! Then we took the tram up the mountain. It's amazing how much the temperature changes once you get up there. We could have used jackets but it was a welcome coolness after the hike thru the palms. It was a great day.

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