Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My ideal vehicle line up

These are my top picks for modes of transportation. I think they cover all my bases. I need one for hauling everything including all my kids and their stuff.
     I need one just for fun, one of those that helps you just let your hair blow in the wind
    And one just for me and maybe a sidekick if you could score one like this. Who wouldn't want to ride side car?! Come on people.  Well these are my dream machines, which are a far cry from what I own now. I currently have a beige 10 year old expedition that we admiringly call crusty because it's been thru 10 years of french fries and spilled milk from two kids. I love that car, she's never let me down. And i have a new mustang, not my choice at all but my husband sold his camaro that he and his father worked on when he was a teenager, 17 years ago. He sold it to have money to marry me, so I owe him big time and this is a little payback. Well someday on these, sigh.... someday you will be mine.

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